Obesity and weight gain are two health issues that affect people vastly these days. Most people around you and even in your family struggle with weight issues.  But the most alarming thing is the rise in cases of childhood obesity.

We always mistake a chubby baby to be a healthy baby. It could have been true before but in recent times parents should be cautious and alert to their child’s weight gain. One should remember an obese child grows into an obese adult and by not taking the step at the right time you are welcoming a host of lifestyle based disorders into your child’s life.

The rise in ubiquitous junk food, fast food and unhealthy snacks is the one to be blamed. Your child loves them and since you love them you don’t stop them from indulging but the whole problem is that these unhealthy junk of food is not to pamper your child but to wreck havoc in his body. Added to it is the lack of physical activity and increased screen time, a total recipe for disaster.


We all know that a growing child has increased nutritional needs. But hey! That doesn’t mean you should encourage them to overeat.  Forcing your child to overeat can interfere with body’s hunger and satiety signals and predisposes your child to binge eating.

Furthermore, it has been found that children with weight issues and obesity are often mal-nourished. Well, they may be taking more calories and eating large quantity of food but that food is poor in quality, filled with calories and unhealthy fat and low in all the required nutrients.

Helping your child follow a balance diet is the first step you need to take as a parent.  Steer them away from unhealthy junk and towards the nutritious and wholesome foods like fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grain cereals etc.

The biggest problem a parent faces when trying to introduce a healthy snack or food to their child is non-acceptance. Kids are fussy eater and kids who are exposed to unhealthy junk, sugar-filled candies and chocolate bars are even more adamant to accept this new change.  So you need to tread wisely and slowly.  This is where the nutrition bars or snack bars come handy.


Energy bars are quite the star when it comes to healthy snacks and eating healthy while on the go.  From sports arena to general masses energy bars have had everyone quite thrilled with all the good health benefits it has to offer. To answer your anticipated question, Yes! Energy bars are healthy and can be useful in improving your child’s nutritional status.

Energy bars, to be precise the healthiest energy bars contain an assortment of wholesome and natural ingredients.  Energy bars are higher in the nutrition it provides compared to other healthy snacks and obviously several bars above the unhealthy junk and sugar- filled crap your child has been living on.

 Energy bars are made up of not one but several ingredients like nuts, seeds, fruits and dried fruits, whole grains like oats, granola, quinoa, soy, whey and casein proteins and honey.  Most of these foods are missing from your child’s daily diet. The healthiest energy bars are kept free from added sugar, preservatives, added flavors and colors and are free of the deadly Tran’s fat.

With rise in demand and diversification of market, the flavors and types of energy bars available in the market have also increased.  This makes it easy for mothers (who want to provide the best of nutrition to their child) and fun for the child (who wants to enjoy a tasty snack).

The natural and organic ingredients add up to the nutrient quotient of the nutrition bar and provides you child with a several essential nutrients every time you child indulges in one,  making it a ideal replacement to bag of chips or packet full of cookies or a bar of sugar -filled chocolate.  Packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and healthy carbohydrates, energy bars are fun and easy way to change the way your child snacks.