Top 6 Things to do in Dubai at Night


Dubai is one of the largest and highly populated cities in UAE. This city looks extremely beautiful with tall buildings, hotels, resorts, restaurants and etc.

# Things to experience in Dubai at Night

  • Fountain Show – The fountain show at Dubai mall is something that you should experience in Dubai at night. This fountain show at Dubai mall looks breathtakingly beautiful. You can also do some shopping at Dubai mall with your family members or friends. Dubai mall is the 2nd largest shopping mall in the world.
  • Dubai Garden Glow – This is one of the best theme parks in Dubai. Besides, it attracts millions of tourists from different corners of the world every year. The dazzling lights at night in this park will definitely make you fall in love with it.
  • Dubai Aquarium – This Dubai aquarium in the Dubai mall is something which you should definitely visit with your family members. You will not forget this experience in your lifetime. Watch the mermaid show as well and you will love it.
  • Visit the Dubai Clubs – Your Dubai trip will remain incomplete without going to the clubs. The clubs in Dubai are outstanding. These clubs in Dubai will look like a party place in the night.
  • BBQ Dinner – There are so many restaurants in Dubai which are famous for BBQ dinner. Visit one of the best restaurants there at night with your family members to enjoy tasty food.
  • Entertainment in Cruise – Spend some time on the Dubai cruise with your loved ones. Play some casinos, enjoy the live music and dinner on the cruise.

# Tourism attractions in Dubai

  • Dubai Museum – Dubai museum was built in the year 1787 and it looks great. Visit this museum with your family members and friends to watch the historic exhibits.
  • Bastakia – This quarter was built during the 19th century. If you want to see the Arabian architecture then you must definitely visit this place.
  • Jumeirah Mosque – This is one of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai. This is one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture.
  • Jumeirah Beach – The beach looks really beautiful. Besides, you will find so many restaurants near the beach where you can enjoy the local food.
  • Kite Beach – This beach attracts many tourists from different parts of the world. Even locals love to spend their time here with their loved ones. Besides, if you love water sports then you must definitely visit this beach.

How to plan your Dubai Trip?

Planning your trip is not that easy as you think. You should know what to pack and what not to pack for your trip. Moreover, you should also know where to stay and which is the right time to book flight tickets. When it comes to your luggage you should always pack light weight clothes. Avoid packing too many things when you go on a trip. When choosing a hotel or resort for your stay, make sure that you check their client reviews online. In short, checking the client reviews will help you understand which hotel or resort to choose for your stay.

Never book your flight tickets during the peak season because their cost can be very high. Book tickets always in advance i.e. at least 2 months before your trip date. You will definitely be surprised looking at the changes in the flight tickets cost. Visit the site to compare the flight tickets cost and to know other details. Visit to know more about what to do in Dubai at night.