Taking Your Medication Correctly: Things You Shouldn’t Do When Taking Antibiotics


The discovery of antibiotics was one of the most significant discoveries in modern medicine since it has the ability to fight off bacteria and cure life-threatening infectious diseases like pneumonia where there was no effective treatment previously. However, the improper use of antibiotics has gone rampant that many bacteria have become resistant to this type of medication.

You may think that taking antibiotics is a straightforward medication; however, there are a few things that you should be cautious of doing when you are currently under the treatment of antibiotics. Read below to find out more about antibiotics and what are the things that you shouldn’t do to makes it effective.

What Does Antibiotics Do?

Antibiotics serve as the backup soldiers that fight side along your immune system when bacteria have infected your body since they either stop bacteria from reproducing or destroy them, which in turn, could save lives when used correctly.

The immune system can typically kill the bacteria within our bodies before it multiplies and causes symptoms. The first in line to fight it off is the white blood cells which attack harmful bacteria and even if the signs start to occur, then the immune system will join the battle and copes up to fight off the infection.

However, the number of harmful bacteria may sometimes get excessive, and the immune system cannot fight them all off, which is why antibiotics will enter the scene to help out your body.

The Don’ts When Taking Antibiotics

As what was stated beforehand, we shouldn’t take medicines lightly like they do not carry heavy responsibilities and adverse effects on our body. Which is why a list of to-don’ts things will be listed and discussed below to create awareness when you are under the medication of antibiotics. Here are the things that you shouldn’t do when taking this kind of medicine:

DON’T Take Antibiotics If Not Needed

If you are one of the crowds that think of taking antibiotics immediately when infected with cough and colds, then you better stop. What you need to always keep in mind is that antibiotics kill bacteria and not viruses —it doesn’t even affect them. Simply put, taking antibiotics for virus-caused illnesses will not do you one bit of good. In fact, it can worsen the illness which will make put your health at risk.

Another important point to stress out the reason why you shouldn’t take antibiotics irresponsibly is the possibility of your body to be antibiotic-resistant since you may contribute to its evolution if you are always taking your antibiotics unnecessarily.

DON’T Discontinue the Use If Not Prescribed

One thing that most patients mistakenly do is discontinuing the prescribed medication the minute the individual feel better since in most cases, the antibiotics are to be taken as a course. Your doctor should instruct you on the medication’s dosage and the number of days that you have to take it for.

The drug may start its effects on your body within a day or two, but it is essential to continue taking the entire course regardless of how well you feel since it takes many days to fight off the bacteria in your system completely, and stopping midway might break its effect, disrupting the treatment.

DON’T Drink Alcoholic Beverages

Some people can’t end the day without alcohol consumption, while some tend to forget that they are on medication, whether you belong to the first category or the latter, remember not to consume any alcoholic beverages when on medication.

According to studies, consuming alcohol while on antibiotic medication will cause similar side effects to the individual, wherein stomach upset, dizziness and drowsiness will be felt like a double effect of combining the two substances.  Additionally, certain antibiotics may result in severe reactions like nausea, headache, rapid heart rate, vomiting, and flushing.

DON’T Take Some Antibiotics with Food or Certain Food

The one that would be responsible for telling you when you eat or what specific foods are you not supposed to eat with antibiotics is your doctor. Your doctor will tell you what certain antibiotics should be taken after a meal or what medications shouldn’t be taken with or close to a meal.

There would also be instances that there are certain foods that you should not consume while taking antibiotics like milk, high fiber foods, and acidic foods. These are all because there might be some antibiotics that won’t get adequately absorbed by the system and do their job optimally.


Being sick, taking your medication shouldn’t put you to stress or even worsen the condition. Thus, listening to your doctor and doing the things discussed above will spare you from these negative effects when taking your antibiotic medicine. To know more about antibiotic resistance and other medicine-related topics, read books or visit sites that might help you out like Pharma Quotes so that you will be able to take good care of your health better.