Breast Enhancement – Natural Alternatives For Implants And Surgery


Who said that there’s no natural alternative to breast augmentation? It doesn’t matter whether you have an A cup or you’ve lost weight (read boobs), a little breast enhancement could improve your appearance greatly.

There are numerous herbs, plants and exercise techniques that actually help shape breasts – that’s the good part. But, you have to spend time (and money) testing the various remedies to find out what works and what doesn’t. luckily, we’ve done the trial and error job for you. Here are 5 foods that will help you get bigger boobs. No surgical procedures or implants necessary.

1.  Roots of the Dong Quai herb

This aromatic herb grows freely in Southeast Asia and it’s no surprise that the Chinese have incorporated it into their culture. It helps boost the body’s natural estrogen-producing system. While hormonal injections comprise of laboratory synthesized estrogen, this herb boosts the body’s female hormones leading to naturally larger (and firmer) breasts.

Note: it’s unsuitable for use by pregnant and lactating mother’s. Please consult a nutritionist if you intend to use this herb.

2.  Alfalfa

Ancient civilizations used this herb to treat a myriad of skin problems but today, it’s mostly used in the female health and beauty sector. Its roots are used by lactating mothers who intend to boost their milk production capacity.

UpToDate, no test has been conducted on this herb to determining whether it’s actually effective at enlarging bosoms. However, a research conducted on geese showed that those that were fed with this herb had significantly larger breast tissues than the control ones.

3.  Soy Beans

Don’t we love them? They are a great meat alternative. Its sprouts are rich in isoflavones. These active ingredients increase estrogen production and by extension – leading to a larger and firmer bust. You do know that estrogen is responsible for female reproductive health, right?

You could enhance your breasts by including soybeans in your diet. Ditch your morning cereal for a month or two and replace it with soybeans. You could also drink soy milk -it’s just as effective. In addition to enhancing breast appearance, soybeans help in tissue growth – and the breast is a tissue

4.  Hops

Whereas revelers love beer made from them, their flowers are actually rich in phytoestrogen. This makes them ideal for breast enhancement. Try including them in your diet and you will be the judge.

It is worth noting that men don’t get man boobs from eating beer because of these hops. These are brought by the high calories in beer. Women should use hops for breast enhancement as it’s rich in Phyto estrogenic compounds.

5.  Red Clover

It’s rich in isoflavones too. In addition to getting firmer breasts, Red clovers help minimize mood changes due to PMS too. Flat Chested women benefit most from its estrogen-like compounds.

It’s no surprise that this is the main active ingredient behind many “magical” breast enhancing creams. When a girl reaches puberty, estrogen does its job and she transforms into a curvy lady. Red Clover contains Phytoestrogens that help in developing the breast tissue, naturally.