Are you comfortable with the stay still or passionate about the challenge?


For the following questions, please answer yes or no.

  • Are you always punctual for appointments, never late?
  • Do you communicate better with co-workers than with friends or spouses?
  • Do you find it easier to relax on a Saturday morning than on a Sunday evening?
  • Do you feel more at home when you’re idle than when you’re busy at work?
  • Have you always been very careful when arranging your spare time?
  • Do you often feel annoyed when you’re waiting?
  • Do you spend most of your leisure time with your co-workers?
  • Do your spouse or friends think you’re easygoing and very easy to get along with?
  • Is there anyone around you who makes you feel positive?
  • Do you often try to improve your skills and win more when you exercise?
  • When you’re under pressure do you still get to the bottom of everything before you make a decision?
  • When you’re under pressure, do you still get to the bottom of everything before you make a decision?
  • Do you like to gossip at cocktail parties?
  • Do you like to work alone and avoid complex relationships?
  • Are most of your friends in the same industry?
  • When you are sick in bed at home, do you bring work to the bed?
  • Is everything you read relevant to your job?
  • Do you spend more time at work than your colleagues?
  • Do you stick to your work in social situations?
  • Are you restless even on your days off?

Score distribution:

If the answers of (4)(8)(13) are no, you get 1 point. The answer is yes, you get no point. Other answers, you get 1 point if your answer is yes, and no point for no.

Test results:

12-20 points: Type A personality

Type A personality: This person likes to be overly competitive, to get promoted and to seek a sense of accomplishment. In general speech too much emphasis on key words, often speak more quickly. You enjoy pursuing vague goals. You hate delays and focus on deadlines. You are impatient and feel guilty when you relax.

10-11 points: Between A and B

0-9 points: Type B personality

Type B personality: You look relaxed and thoughtful. Having a wide range of interests outside of work tends to amble along. Be patient and take the time to consider a decision.