Accident at Work: What Causes Chronic Pain?


A trauma or an accident at work can cause chronic pain, a real and disabling condition that deeply affects many workers’ lives. Chronic pain can place a strain on your life through outcomes such as limited daily functions, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Being unable to work and conduct normal daily life due to chronic pain and its other potential outcomes, may place you in unemployment. Combined with a sudden change in your financial situation due to needing specialised treatments, chronic pain can seriously affect your life and your family’s.

Pain signals can continue to be active for weeks, months, or years after your injury has healed. Chronic pain is intense pain lasting more than three months and persisting even after your injury has healed.

Several factors can cause chronic pain, such as:

  • Accidents at work
  • Repetitive movements
  • Injuries due to overuse

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Typically resulting from an injury, pain from CRPS can be confined to just one limb or spread to other parts of your body. Areas that are affected can become stiff, swollen, or sensitive to touch and temperature. Whether from a fall causing broken bones or soft tissue injuries, CRPS usually develops months after an original trauma.

Head Injuries

A head injury, caused by falling or by a heavy object for example, can cause chronic migraines and headaches. Depending on which area is affected by the blow and the latter’s force, head injuries can cause serious and lasting complications. Brain damage and loss of motor functions can often accompany chronic pain due to a head injury.


Genetics aren’t the only factor that cause arthritis. Accidents at work can have lasting effects that translate into arthritis due to infections, straining joints to their limit, percussive tools and machinery, repetitive impact on joints, physically demanding work, and serious injuries. Osteoarthritis refers to the cartilage in joints becoming worn down and causing bones to increase in both size and weight.

Nerve Damage

A common cause for chronic pain, nerve damage can occur due to a wide range of injuries. Healing nerve damage is typically slow and painful, with symptoms that can last for months or years. As the parts of your body that send pain signals to your brain, their damage often causes extreme pain.

Joint Injuries

Joint injuries can be extremely painful due to being areas with a lot of ligaments and nerves. Typically placed under stress, joint injuries can cause pain to radiate through the body when used. Knee injuries are associated with chronic pain and cramps.

Making a claim on an accident at work that has caused you chronic pain can help you cover the care you require to recover. A professional solicitor will help you build your case and identify your pain linked to an accident at work.

Should you be making claim on a loved one’s behalf, you will be able to cover the costs of more intense treatments such as specialised tests, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation treatments.