4 Excellent Tips to Maximise Your CoolSculpting Results


Although everyone strives for a better body shape, not all get one; however, it’s possible to get such a body shape by artificial means called body contouring procedures.

But not everyone is ready to go under the knife and for such people, there is a very good option known as coolsculpting.

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Coolsculpting is one of the most effective and safest technologies that can reduce stubborn fat bulges from your tummy, back, flanks, thighs and any other fatty area without a surgery.

It’s a groundbreaking technology that doesn’t follow the conventional methods followed in other fat removal procedures.

Unlike any other body contouring treatment like liposuction where several months are passed during recovery, coolsculpting has no downtime.

Coolsculpting uses the modern technique of freezing and thus killing the fat cells which are then thrown out by our body’s excretory system.

This is called cryolipolysis (cold therapy) with which there is around 20-25% decrease in fat layer.

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But it doesn’t mean that once you lose fat with coolsculpting, you are free to eat anything and do whatever you want.

Despite all its benefits, coolsculpting gives results that only you can maintain and improve with your own efforts.

Here are some tips with which you can make the most of your coolsculpting.

1. Massage After the Procedure

Right after your coolsculpting procedure, your provider will give you a 2-minute post-treatment massage containing a forceful kneading and a circular massage after that.

This immediate massage is crucial for the treated area/s, since it helps further breakdown of fat cells and thus enhance results by more than 60%.

It’s even recommended to self-massage at home after the procedure to enhance your results and also reduce potential side effects like mild discomfort.

2. Healthy Diet

Another important factor helpful in maximising coolsculpting results is a healthy diet. Remember to avoid fried and processed foods and/or foods with high sugar and starch content.

Instead increase the intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and proteins. Such a healthy diet will also help improve your overall health.

3. Regular Exercise

Consistent exercise is important for your physical and mental health. Particularly after your coolsculpting procedure, it burns fat and thus helps improve and speed up the results.

It’s recommended to step it up after the procedure. Already active people should further push themselves during exercise, run the extra mile and take extra efforts.

Those, who are not active, should get moving. Anything you do regarding exercise after your coolsculpting procedure will help you get the best results from the procedure.

4. Additional Treatments

Several patients get extremely awesome results right in their first treatment so that they don’t need a second treatment.

Image Courtesy: chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au

However, some others may require an additional treatment. Even another type of treatment such as tummy tuck surgery Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can help maximise results.

Also, patients though pleased with the treatment may want to get the treatment for other areas and thus get their best body shape.

Follow these rules and enhance your coolsculpting results to look the best.