Diet and PCOS- a small change that helps in a big way


Diet and nutrition plays a significant role in managing PCOS. A properly formulated diet plan for PCOS helps overcome symptoms affecting PCOS.  Many studies and research suggest that Lifestyle modification as in making healthier changes to your diet and increasing physical activity has shown quite a positive reduction in hormonal imbalance, body weight, menstrual irregularities and even infertility.

In addition a PCOS diet also protects a woman against the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases, commonly seen affecting women with PCOS.


It has been found that obesity and PCOS are interlinked. Women with PCOS are likely to be overweight or obese and similarly obese women are likely to suffer from PCOS. It is difficult to say which lead to other. Research suggest that the first line of treatment for women with PCOS should include weight loss programs as even a small reduction in weight .i.e. 5-10% of total body weight reduces the severity of symptoms, regularize the menstrual cycle and promote fertility.

Diet for PCOS and more specifically a PCOS diet for weight loss help you in your struggle with PCOS. One should remember that losing weight with PCOS can be difficult owing to the hormonal imbalance. Thus you need a targeted PCOS diet plan for weight loss that helps you lose weight, correct hormonal imbalance and overcome insulin resistance.

Falling prey to quick weight loss capsules, powders and fad diet can prove fatal as it increases rebound weight gain, enhances hormonal imbalances and flares up the symptoms. A professional help to formulate a customized diet plan for PCOS is advised.


The PCOS diet plan should focus on the following four primary considerations


Insulin resistance is one very important factor that needs to be considered while planning a PCOS diet. Therefore Foods that are low in glycemic index need to be included. Glycemic index of the foods reflects the rate at which it increases your blood sugar level. Foods that increase the blood sugar quickly are classified as high glycemic index foods and foods that slowly or gradual raise the sugar levels are low glycemic index.

Complex carbohydrates and fiber rich foods should predominate in your PCOS diet. Refined flours and sugar based products should be strictly avoided.


Chromium a micro -mineral is needs special attention for it promotes insulin sensitivity and manages blood sugar levels. Brewer’s yeast, liver, mushrooms, wheat germ, certain cheese, beets, chicken breast are few food sources of chromium and should be a part of your PCOS diet.


You need fiber in your PCOS diet for three main reasons –

  1. Fiber rich foods are low in glycemic index. Thus helps against insulin resistance and manage blood sugar levels.
  2. Fiber promotes satiety, thus very useful in PCOS diet plan for weight loss.
  3. Fiber promotes estrogen metabolism which in turn reduces production of male hormones the androgens.

Protein play a vital role in a PCOS diet for weight loss as it helps balance calories. Proteins also promote satiety and boost metabolism helping you lose weight.

One small change at a time helps you big way in your fight against PCOS. Make positive changes to your life starting today.